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UK Farm Jobs with FREE Visa Sponsorships 2024 | No Experience Needed | Quick Hiring

Are you thinking about migrating to the United Kingdom but need a job to support you so you can live and work there? The UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs is a great place to begin your career. Have you ever dreamt of working amidst the rolling pastures and bountiful orchards of the United Kingdom? Have you felt the call of the countryside, the whisper of the wind through wheat fields, the rhythmic hum of farming life?

Yet, the thought of visa regulations and relocation challenges held you back? If so, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Today, we will explore an exciting proposition – UK Farm Jobs with Visa Sponsorship – that could turn these dreams into reality. The UK, renowned for its rich farming heritage and diverse agricultural industry, has long been a coveted destination for farming enthusiasts worldwide.


What makes it even more attractive is the rising number of UK farms ready to offer visa sponsorship. Yes, that’s right! They are not just opening up their gates for foreign workers but are also willing to facilitate their journey through the often intricate UK immigration process. In this blog post, we will open the gate to the enticing world of UK farm jobs that come with visa sponsorship.

We will help you explore the variety of jobs available, delve into the qualifications required, and look into the life-changing opportunities that these roles can present. Moreover, we will guide you through the often complex path of visa sponsorship, simplifying it to help you embark on your dream farming journey in the UK. Whether you are a seasoned agricultural worker or someone seeking a major life and career shift, this post is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to start your new chapter.

So, let’s together venture through the green and pleasant lands of the UK, from the comfort of your home, and sow the seeds of your future in the UK’s vibrant farming sector. It’s time to let the countryside call answer itself! The UK is reputed to be among the nations with simple visa procedures. There are no easy things in life, but in some ways, the country’s visa application process is simple, and it is one of the nearby nations. The UK wants to boost its economy by more than 3 million jobs.

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That is why this article is written to give you the necessary information about on how to get a Job in UK that doesn’t require you to have any skills. On this page, you will learn about the List of Unskilled jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship, Requirements, Steps to Apply for Unskilled Jobs, and additional information. Due to a present labor shortage, 46,000 UK enterprises are providing positions supported by visas. Since the UK government has recognized these posts, it is simple for them to legally sponsor the applicants.

One of the top jobs in the UK is farm work because this is one of the fastest-growing industries and there is a demand for graduates who can work in this industry. The majority of these UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs can be found in both the public and commercial sectors of the UK in England. The average annual wage for a UK farm worker is £32,500, or £12.19 per hour. No advanced degrees are required for this. You need a solid education from the ground up.

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And if you’re ready, you can submit an application for occupations that involve farming and other related tasks like picking produce or flowers. You must be at least 18 years old to be able to apply for a UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Job. A list of sponsored jobs for UK farm workers in 2024 is shown below.

UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs: Job Details

  • Country: United Kingdom (check out job sponsorship in Japan, Canada, Australia, and the USA)
  • Industry: Agricultural sector
  • Employment type: Farm workers Job
  • Required experience: No experience is Required
  • Required knowledge: not high knowledge is required
  • Minimum Age: Not Less Than 18
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes, it is a visa-sponsored job
  • Relocation: yes
  • Accommodations: provided
  • Salary: an average of £32,500 per year and an average hourly rate of £12.19.
  • Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the UK: the procedure for sponsoring a UK visa
  • Your certificate of sponsorship reference number will be sent to you by your sponsor.
  • Your visa application form must also include your certificate of sponsorship reference number, which you may only use once.
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Farm Work Jobs in the UK: Benefits of the Package

  1. Housing provided (around £30 per week)
  2. support for a visa
  3. Contributions to Flight
  4. Working Schedule
  5. an eight-day workweek
  6. Overtime work is possible
  7. There is a shifting schedule that changes.
  8. Due to a labor shortage in the agricultural business, the UK depends on 70,000 foreign workers each year. In 2021, there will be 216,000 farm holdings in the
  9. UK. It was anticipated that there would be 92,100 farmers employed in the UK by 2022.
  10. Agriculture in the UK takes up 71% of the land area and employs 1% of the labor force (467,000 people)

Who may apply for jobs sponsored by UK Farm Work Visas?

You need to have the necessary paperwork and a letter of offer from the UK in order to apply for UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs. Any applicant from any country who meets these requirements may apply for Farm Work Jobs.

UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs: Farmworkers’ Duties

Your daily responsibilities will depend on the type of farm you work on and the season.
You could:

  • Participate in Fruit selection and packaging
  • picking out fruits and veggies
  • Feed and care for farm animals, and treat them and your crops using medicine to prevent disease
  • operate and maintain tractors and milking equipment used in dairy farms
  • maintenance of farm buildings
  • Fix the fences and walls, trim the hedges, and clean the ditches and drains.
  • Farming Jobs in the UK with Sponsored Farm Work Visas: UK Government Farming Jobs

Here are the processes for finding and applying for a job sponsoring a farm working visa using the UK government’s official website. Foreign nationals may apply for these UK farm work visa sponsorship positions.

  • Visit the UK government website at as the first step.
  • Second step: A search bar will show up. After you type “Farm,” “Farming,” or “Agriculture,” press enter.
  • Step 3: All approved UK companies’ sponsorship jobs will be published. Furthermore, you can apply there on the spot online.
  • Tasty Careers: Agriculture Jobs in the UK
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Duties of a Farm Worker in UK

The precise work you’ll be performing will vary depending on the sort of farm you work on and the time of year, but you’ll be responsible for a number of tasks, such as:

  • Plant, care for, and harvest crops using a variety of tools, such as tractors and combine harvesters.
  • Providing food, cleaning up after the animals, responding to sick or young animals, and operating milking equipment for dairy operations are all parts of
  • raising and caring for livestock.
  • Preparing animals for transportation
  • Upkeep of the hedging and woodland
  • Maintaining equipment and automobiles.
  • Maintenance and repairs to buildings
  • Broadcasting out fertilizer on farmland
  • Building and maintaining fences

Apprentice Farmworker

  • A farm apprentice may expect to make £7,503.60 annually. BERWICK UPON TWEED is where it is situated.
  • Apprenticeship for General Farm Worker and Livestock
  • A general farm worker makes £10,004.80 a year in pay. At SKIPTON GARGRAVE ROAD, to be precise.

Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs with AB Agri in the UK

A UK-approved sponsor is AB Agri. At AB Agri, they make animal feed, create products based on nutrition and technology, and offer data services to our clients in the agri-food industry.

UK Agriculture Companies Jobs for Visa Sponsors


These UK farming and agricultural enterprises are permitted to use foreign workers. Candidates may be sponsored by more than 46,000 Companies.

To utilize:

  • Access the website at
  • A list of UK businesses with approval can be seen by clicking the link above.
  • Press (ctrl+f). In the search box, write “Farm or agricultural.” There will be a list of all UK farms supporting international candidates.
  • By pasting the company name into Google, you can apply for farming jobs.



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