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Relocate To USA: Get a Visa Sponsorship Jobs HERE Now | No Experience & Age Limit

One of the surest and most cost-effective ways to immigrate and work in the USA is through visa sponsorship. It is a less hassle-free way for the foreigner who is being employed by the USA company. On the other hand, it brings a lot of hassle to the US employer.

While it is costly to hire and sponsor foreign employees, employers are willing to take the pain in exchange for the value the employee will offer when employed. Also, employers who have employed and sponsored the visa of foreigners before will likely do it again. This article focuses on how to get visa sponsorship jobs in the USA, in addition to other information.

To offer visa sponsorship, there are processes that the employer will go through. These processes involve documents and forms. They are:

  • Draft and send the job offer contract to the foreign employee to sign.
  • Possess/ Obtain a Labor Certification
  • Fill and submit Form I-129 (petition for nonimmigrant workers) and Form I-140 (petition for alien/immigrant workers)
  • Submit a petition to the USCIS

Draft and Send Job Offer Contract
Part of the supporting documents for the petition is a job offer contract duly signed by both employer and employee. Therefore, the employer is to send this document to the employee and ensure that it is signed as soon as possible and sent back.

Possess/Obtain a Labor Certification
Labour Certification is your proof that no one in the country can fill in that workspace you want to hire a foreigner for. The employer can do this by first posting the job ad, and waiting for no response before proceeding to the Department of Labour, USA for verification. The DoL, USA verifies that there is no suitable person in the country with the skills and expertise needed to execute that job.

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Fill Forms I-129 and I-140
These forms each serve different groups. Form I-129 serves Nonimmigrant Employment Visa while Form I-140 serves Immigrant Employment Visa. So depending on the group in which the foreign employee falls, fill and submit the forms.

Submit a Petition to the USCIS
After getting all the documents ready, submit the petition to the USCIS. The USCIS is the regulatory body in charge of the immigration services of the United States. It fully means U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Their job is to ensure that the right people enter the country and in this case, the right employee.

Note: These are the processes done before the visa application commences. Bear in mind that the USCIS receives tons of petitions, therefore, yours could take time to get feedback. Being a long process that takes time, employers seek the services of lawyers. The lawyer’s job is to ensure that the appropriate documents are filed and filed correctly without mistakes.

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For individuals who get an affirmative response at the end of the waiting time, the employee starts the visa application process in his country. For those who are not, then no application for you.

Having looked at the hurdles that employers go through to employ foreign workers through visa sponsorship, let’s look at how to get visa sponsorship.

How To Get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the USA

Securing a visa sponsorship starts first with you. Let’s talk about it in a step-by-step format.

Step 1: Decide on your Career Path
Most foreigners, in a bid to leave their country in search of greener pastures, just search for jobs irrespective of the career path. Choosing anything that comes your way isn’t the best choice in the long run. So the first thing to do is to decide on the career path which you would love to take.

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Step 2: Research for Jobs and Companies in the USA
The decision you made in step 1 will guide your path in this step. If you made a decision to teach, then your area of research will be in teaching. You will research schools offering teaching jobs and also, the grade/level you will love to teach.

Step 3: Identify Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship in the USA
In the course of your research, you will find jobs and companies offering visa sponsorship. Note them down for further reference and possible application. If you do not find any in your chosen career path, search for companies in your second or third chosen career path.


Step 4:  Sort Through Your Job and Company List
Sort through your list of jobs and companies offering visa sponsorship. Check out the jobs and see that you meet the requirements for the job. Choose the companies and jobs that you wish to apply for.

Step 5: Put Together Your Application
Putting together your application means an excellent CV and Cover Letter. Whatever documents that are required, ensure they are well-written and portray you in the best light. Clearly state in your cover letter that you are not a citizen of the USA and your need for visa sponsorship. Also, include your amazing skills and what makes you the best fit for the role.

Step 6: Tender Your Application
Having prepared all that you need for your application and have written the necessary things to be written, you submit your application. After that, simply wait for a response or responses, depending on the number of companies that you applied to.

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When applying for jobs with visa sponsorship in the US, ensure that you put your best foot forward. Check all spellings and grammar and ensure that your skills put you at an advantage for securing the job.


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