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Apply for Barcelona Football Academy Scholarships in Spain🇪🇸 – Interested? APPLY HERE NOW!

Are you interested in securing a scholarship at Barcelona’s Youth Academy? Dive into this guide detailing the steps and prerequisites on how to Apply for Barcelona Football Academy Scholarships in Spain. This academy represents the foundational tier of player development at FC Barcelona.

Today, we aim to guide those who aspire to be part of the esteemed Barcelona Football Academy. This includes insights on the registration process for the Youth Academy trials and the specific criteria for age groups 16 through 20.


Barcelona stands as a beacon in Spanish football. With a storied history, the club boasts numerous accolades and has set several records. The city of Barcelona is synonymous with football legends who have donned the club’s jersey.

Since its inception in 1899, Barcelona has grown to be a dominant force not just in Spain but in European football. The club’s trophy cabinet is a testament to its success, holding 26 La Liga, 30 Copa del Rey, 13 Supercopa de España, 3 Copa Eva Duarte, and 2 Copa de la Liga trophies. Beyond domestic glory, they’ve secured over 20 titles on the European and international stages. Financially, Barcelona is a powerhouse, with a net worth of $4.07 billion, positioning it among the world’s wealthiest clubs.

One of the cornerstones of Barcelona’s success is its Youth Academy. The academy has been instrumental in molding talents, the most notable being Lionel Messi, who has transitioned from a prodigious talent to the club’s managerial helm. Our focus in this guide is to aid aspiring footballers in understanding the process of joining the FC Barcelona Football Academy.

If you’ve been seeking information on trials at Barcelona’s youth academy, the enrollment procedure, or general insights into joining the academy, this guide is tailored for you.

FC Barcelona Academy Overview

The Barcelona Football School, designed for football evolution, offers a nurturing environment to shape young and dedicated talent into professional players. The club collaborates with international educators, health specialists, and sports enthusiasts, providing comprehensive training on football’s nuances.

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The academy caters to players aged between 8 to 18, immersing them in development programs to monitor and enhance their growth. Alongside honing their technical skills, the players are instilled with the principles of sportsmanship, leadership, and the optimal mental fortitude for the game. Exceptionally talented players occasionally receive offers from the club or might even be scouted by other clubs displaying significant interest.

Recognizing the potential of these young talents, Barcelona Football Club is deeply committed to ensuring they receive premier coaching and training. While many show promise, some face challenges in securing a scholarship at the Barcelona Academy. Both local and international candidates can apply for the Barcelona FC Open Trials. Insights on joining European Football Academies, Barcelona FC Open Trials, and Football Scholarships in Barcelona can be further explored.

FC Barcelona Youth Academy Trials

One of the frequently posed queries is about the pathway to join the FC Barcelona Football Academy. Aspiring players can enter the academy via several avenues: FC Barcelona Football Trials, special recruitments, scouting initiatives, and more. Additionally, local tournaments, video submissions, or recommendations from club-affiliated representatives can serve as gateways. Aside from undergoing youth academy trials, young talents can also gain entry through direct applications.

Scouts often advise budding footballers to elevate their game, which, in turn, garners attention from elite clubs. For those keen on understanding the nuances of joining the FC Barcelona Football Academy, the insights from seasoned professionals can be invaluable, especially for those exploring options across European football academies.

FC Barcelona Academy Admission Criteria

  • Maintain strong academic achievements accompanied by commendations from your educational institution.
  • Provide a comprehensive profile including details about yourself, any prior club affiliations, and your contact information.
  • If under 18, consent from a parent or guardian is mandatory.
  • If applying for the Barcelona Football Academy Scholarship, demonstrate proof of financial need.
  • For international candidates, it’s highly recommended to provide a video showcasing your football abilities.
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How to Apply For Barcelona’s Youth Academy

Firstly, look up the available programs here at then you can proceed on How to Join FC Barcelona Football Academy by applying through the portal

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Barcelona Foundation Scholarship Overview


The Barcelona Foundation, based in the USA, was established to support underprivileged children with a keen interest in football. Many of these young talents are out of school and often find themselves on the streets. The foundation seeks out these promising individuals, offering them full scholarships to integrate them back into structured programs.

Since its inception, the Barcelona Foundation Scholarship has successfully transitioned numerous children from streets to structured learning and training environments by availing soccer scholarships in the USA. As a non-profit, much of their financial sustenance comes from generous donations from individuals and other organizations. They’ve managed to sustain their operations over the years by employing renowned football coaches, physical trainers, and academic professionals. While securing soccer scholarships in the USA can be daunting, the foundation simplifies the process for many, especially those in dire financial situations.

Currently, the Barcelona Foundation scholarships are granted only in locations where their certified soccer academies exist, including Boca Raton FL, Colorado Springs CO, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Houston TX, and San Antonio TX. In addition to displaying football talent, scholarship applicants are expected to have achieved commendable academic standards to be eligible for the Football trials with the Barcelona Foundation in the USA.

Promising players from the foundation, due to their connections with professional football entities, are often offered contracts to play professionally. Explore more about the FC Barcelona Youth Academy trials.

Barcelona Foundation Scholarship Criteria

The scholarship criteria align closely with those set for Football Scholarships for International Students. However, there’s an emphasized focus on financial need and academic prowess.

  • Submission of your high school academic records, accompanied by teacher recommendations, is essential.
  • To be deemed eligible for this soccer scholarship in the USA, applicants must successfully pass an Athletic Test at one of Barcelona Foundation’s partner soccer academies.
  • Children under Medicaid automatically qualify based on financial need.
  • Priority is given to those benefiting from free or reduced school lunches.
  • Applicants must provide their family’s tax history when applying for these soccer scholarships.
  • Individuals already part of another scholarship program or attending Football Academy trials in the USA cannot apply.
  • The program primarily targets households with limited financial resources.
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How to Enroll in the Barcelona Foundation Soccer Scholarships

  1. Start by exploring the programs on offer at
  2. Move forward with joining the FC Barcelona Football Academy by applying via
  3. Scholarships are usually disbursed at the season’s onset and can cover partial to full costs of a child’s Soccer Academy Training. Parents or guardians with children showcasing considerable football potential are encouraged to apply.

For topics including Barcelona Football Academy trials, registration processes, and insights on joining the Barcelona Youth Academy, continue reading.

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